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Kronos Express Shipping Ltd is a member of “Kronos Corporate Group”, a market leader in the sector of press distribution, which was founded in 1986. Today, Kronos Press Distribution Agency Ltd exclusively distributes 85% of the local press, 100% of Greek press and the most famous British newspapers, magazines and book titles.

Apart from press distribution, Kronos Group has managed to provide an excellent quality of courier services, delivering parcels and documents all over the island and internationally, while offering a wide variety of Logistics Solutions to E-shops and other Businesses. The Group counts more than 250 employees both in Cyprus and Greece and a fleet of 150 vehicles.

Quality & Consistency

Through experienced and well-trained personnel, Kronos Express Shipping manages to provide excellent quality services using a flexible and carefully designed infrastructure.

With our finely selected partners we have developed a network offering a variety of services, aiming to provide our customers with the best option in terms of routing and cost.

At Kronos Shipping we take the time to understand each customer’s business needs and the logistics challenges that each company is facing.
This allows us to articulate a strategic direction for each business and leads towards building a long-term relationship with our customers based on trust.

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Member of Kronos Corporate Group!

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